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About us

Shiva Priya Yoga Ashram is a place where the mind, body, and soul can join together harmoniously. Situated up in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, the natural atmosphere will inspire you to delve deeper into yourself. We are located in India near Rishikesh, commonly known as the World Capital of Yoga. India is the birthplace of yoga and it is here that you can learn the traditional teachings of yoga straight from the source. We strive to provide high quality services while keeping a low price so that the transformational practices of yoga can be available to all. In line with the ethics of yoga, we only charge for food and accommodation, all classes are offered free of charge. Come join the Shiva Priya family! Read more…

Yogacharya Sandeep by the Ganges River

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Learn the Essence of Yoga

We offer 2 courses, Foundations of Yoga and Yoga In-Depth. Both courses will provide a good introduction to yoga and help you solidify and deepen your spiritual practice.

Relax in a Personalized Retreat

We offer 3 retreat options, Silent Meditation Retreat, Detox Yoga Retreat & Holistic Yoga Retreat. Each retreat offers something different to help you relax and delve deeper into your inner being.

Become a MVP!

Interested in staying with us for a long time? On an application basis, we offer a special Meditation and Volunteer Program (MVP) that allows you to stay and learn with us in a traditional Gurukul style.

What else do we provide?

Highly Trained Teachers

All teachers are trained in yoga with a masters degree in their respective field, ensuring that you get the highest quality education.

Fresh Yogic Meals

We offer delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan food in line with a yogic diet. All meals are included in your stay.

Safe and Secure

Our Ashram is located in a safe and secure location and we have staff available at all times to help you with any issue that arises.

Relaxing in the ashram surrounded by nature

What our Students say

What Will You gain?

Breathe Fresh Himalayan Air

The beauty of the Himalayan Mountains will inspire your soul and help you to reconnect with the natural world outside of polluted city life.

Learn Traditional Yoga

Through our courses you will be able to understand the basis of yoga so that you can grow your personal practice and begin or deepen your spiritual journey.

Find Inner Peace

Our courses and retreats focus on the traditional teachings of yoga and will leave you feeling spiritually renewed and empowered.

Our facilities

Comfortable Rooms

We offer modern accommodation within a beautiful natural environment so that you can connect with nature in comfort. Guests have the option of either a hostel room or a private double bed cabin.

Solar Powered Hot Water

We provide eco-friendly year round solar powered hot water for a soothing warm shower after a full day of practice.

Free Wifi

We offer fast and free Wi-Fi in the common areas to encourage you to unplug while also helping you stay connected with loved ones.

Doing yoga in the Himalayan mountains

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Rishikesh Mountains

Shiva Priya Yoga Ashram is situated at the top of a mountain and we are surrounded by beautiful nature. There are many amazing trekking areas near us. One of the most popular treks is to Kunjapuri Temple to watch the sunrise.

View of Rishikesh from the road leading to the ashram

Many people believe that the destination is where the beauty is, so they run from place to place and never stop to enjoy the journey.On the way to Shiva Priya Yoga Ashram, you can view the real village life of India. As you go higher and higher into the Himalayan Mountains, you can view a beautiful change in the environment and nature.

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